Your School could become one of our Official 'eagle schools' across the South of Scotland

Follow a program of engaging, Eagle related sessions and achieve Eagle School Status!

What is 'Eagle Schools'?

The Eagle School program aims to educate and engage school students and local communities with their newly arrived Eagles. Initially focusing on Primary Schools across the South, students will explore Eagle ecology, their place in history and culture and learn how to identify Eagles from other birds of prey in their area. Through an array of cross-curricular activities, students will not only gain a knowledge of Golden Eagles but will consider their relationship with the natural world and formulate their own opinions on their place within it.


With strong links to the Curriculum for Excellence and an innovative approach to individual learning, the Eagle Schools Program engages students in a wide variety of ways. With indoor and outdoor sessions, research projects and practical learning, the program aims to include all interests and abilities and has the flexibility to be tailored to individual schools and their specific requirements.

As part of the project we will be offering the chance to establish links between schools in the South with those in the extreme North of Scotland. While the initial focus will be on the Eagles, the potential for exciting engagement opportunities across the curriculum is extremely beneficial to both schools.


The Eagle School Program culminates in 'Eagle Day'. On this day the school opens its doors to families and local people with students sharing their learning and achievements with their home community. The event will include an exhibition of work and a presentation ceremony, where students will receive individual certificates. The day ends in a visit from a real, falconry Golden Eagle.