Welcome to The Eyrie: Eagle Information Point

The Eyrie is our small but mighty exhbition located within the Waerwheel Tearoom on the Philiphaugh Estate just outside Selkirk. In partnership with Philiphaugh Estates we have worked to create an information point for the golden eagle and the efforts ongoing in the south of Scotland to ensure a thriving population.

Whether you are local to the area, visiting or passing through, stop off at the Eyrie to discover this iconic symbol of wild Scotland and the landmark conservation project securing their future in southern skies.

Through a series of informative displays, visitors to the Eyrie can discover more about the history of golden eagles in the south of Scotland whilst also learning of the conservation work underway to boost their population in southern skies.

Learn about the history of golden eagles in Britain and Ireland; the place names which point to a once widespread population across the Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway. Find out about the golden eagle's habits and habitat then follow a translocation from a nest in the Highlands to release from our aviaries in the Moffat Hills.

There are fascinating display cases showcasing items such as the satellite tags we use to track the birds we release as well as 3D printed golden eagle skull, talons, egg, real eagle feathers and our life-size eaglet inside a translocation travel-box.

You can watch video of our work on the screen, test your bird of prey identification knowledge on our sound board and play the 'raptor guess who' game, suitable for all the family.

Whilst you're at the Eyrie you can take in the rest of the Philiphaugh Estate. Refreshments at the Waterwheel tearoom, beautiful walled garden and plant nursery. Gentle walks along the Ettrick River or more strenous walks in the surrounding hills. There is also another nature-themed educational exhibit: The Salmon Viewing Centre where you can find out all baout the journey of the magnificent salmon.

You can also explore further in the historic town of Selkirk or along the Yarrow Valley towards Moffat where the grey Mare's Tail waterfall is a highlight.

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