Follow the work and explorations of our Eagles Schools here in the South: St Peter's, Priorsford, Moffat, Yarrow & Kirkhope, Canonbie and Langholm

A Collection of photos, videos and galleries showcasing the fantastic work of our Eagle Schools here in the South.

St Peter's Primary, Galashiels

St Peter's Primary in Galashiels is lucky enough to have its own resident Peregrine Falcons which are often seen (and heard) from the school yard!

Beaky (C11), the youngest female from the 2018 release, was adopted and named by St Peter's and the school have almost completed their Eagle School program, enjoying activities such as peregrine prey analysis, pellet disection and achieving an excellent understanding of Eagle Ecology and field skills. It's always a pleasure to visit St Peter's as you're always assured of a warm welcome from students and staff alike!

Priorsford Primary, Peebles

Priorsford Primary in Peebles adopted and named Emily (121), the oldest female from the 2018 release. Over 60 students have engaged with the Eagle Schools Program and are set to achieve Eagle School status in the Spring of this year.

The students have worked to a consistently high level and have achieved an excellent knowledge of not only Golden Eagles but wider environmental issues. Their behaviour and enthusiasm has made every session a pleasure!

Moffat Primary

Ready Aye Ready is the pledge of Moffat Academy and Moffat Primary. This fits their adopted Eagle Edward (C09) very well as he was the first of the youngsters to really set out on his own. Having completed their Eagle Schools program in late 2018 Moffat Primary enjoyed a visit from Ray and 'Mac' from the Kielder Bird of Prey Centre.

When asked if students had enjoyed the Eagle school program Kenzie, an Eagle Schools student said: "I think Eagle Schools was my favourite topic; there's nothing I would change about it. My favourite bit will be the last week because we get to see a Golden Eagle but at the moment everything. I enjoyed the whole experience".

Langholm Primary

Nestled in the Esk Valley, Langholm is a lovely little Border Town with a rich history. From the Armstrong Clan (to which the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong shares family ties) to the architecture of Thomas Telford, this picturesque part of the South of Scotland is always a pleasure to visit.

Langholm is also well known for its wildlife, in particular the Hen Harriers of the Langholm & Newcastleton Hills. Wild Eskdale, a new wildife tourism venture and Eagle Project supporter are based here, offering opportunities to observe the stunning and rare wildlife of Eskdale.

Yarrow & Kirkhope Primary Schools

Hailing from the Yarrow and Ettrick Valleys respectively, Yarrow & Kirkhope Primary Schools joined forces to begin our very first Eagle School, completing the programme in November 2018. Surrounded by dramatic scenery and habitat just right for a resident Golden Eagle, it might not be long before pupils see the distant outline of an eagle soaring above the hilltops.

Principle Teacher Mrs Hoppé said:

"The children have been so engaged. I would thoroughly recommend the project to anyone and the kids have just had the most amazing experience"

Community Outreach Officer, Philip Munro said: "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a lovely bunch of children and such a dedicated team of staff".


Lauder Primary is a modern primary school set in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. With 245 pupils their goal is to 'Promote a culture of excellence that supports and challenges every child to achieve their potential'.

With their very own nature garden forming part of their playground, pupils at Lauder have a long list of wild visitors to their school. Now with the ability to identify eagles and other raptors, they might be able to add a few more to that list.

Pupils at Lauder will be completing the Eagle Schools programme in February 2019 with a visit from a real falconry eagle.