29 April 2020

A little bit of Beaky to brighten your Wednesday


by Rick T.

29 April 2020

Today's update features the full video clip of Beaky (C11) from January 2019 with a wee bit of music added to brighten up your morning! Enjoy!

Eagle Update

All four of the project Eagles are continuing to do well and are still ranging far and wide.

Beaky (C11) and Skan (C17) are both over in the East (and getting along just fine). Emily (121) has been over in Galloway for a spell and Edward (C09) is moving around between the Borders and Dumfries & Galloway.

Send us your photos!

If any of you have any Eagle related photos you have taken please feel free to send them to us with your name, when and where it was taken and a short description of your magical encounter.

It may just be a wee dot in the sky (most of my Eagle photos are!). but even if you're not sure it's an Eagle send it anyway and we'll let you know!

Email: with your pics!