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Golden Eagle Project’s Posts from October - December 2020

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Eagle Update December 2020


by Rick T.

10 December 2020

The latest videos and sketches from Eagle Officer John Wright featuring Emily (121) and Skan (C17).

With winter tightening its grip and the first flurries of snow making an appearance it's great to report that all four of the young Eagles are doing really well and remain in the South of Scotland.


Do you think you've seen an Eagle?


by Rick T.

25 November 2020

How many of us have stared up at a speck in the sky or quickly pulled over the car to get a better look at a bird that we think just may be an Eagle?


Model Eagles


by Philip M.

12 November 2020

Here at the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project we have many ways of communicating the beauty and impressive features of the golden eagle. We have 2D wooden cut-outs showing the wingspan up 2.2 meters, we have footage from the wild showing project eagles soaring high and we also invite falconers and their eagles to schools and events. These are all great but we wondered if there was a way allow people to get up close and personal. Something to touch and hold in order to really get an idea of the size, form and weight of a golden eagle. A 3D model was the answer; a chick roughly the age when we would collect from the eyrie and a juvenile roughly the age of being released from our aviaries and in the wild for a few weeks.