Latest news from the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

1 April 2020

Beaky is our first released eagle to reach the North Pennines


by Philip M.

1 April 2020

Longer days and warmer temperatures have seen our four released golden eagles, Emily (121), Beaky (C11), Edward (C09) released in 2018, and Skan (C17) in 2019, extending their travels and exploring the length and breadth of the south of Scotland.

Beaky (C11) is evidently keen to see what lies beyond the south and has, for the first time, flown into the hills of the north Pennines. We are tracking her carefully through her satellite tag, and working with local supporters, as she ventures to hills new.

We don’t want to specify the location for fear that people are tempted to travel to look for Beaky in breach of the vital government COVID-19 restrictions. But as soon as we can, we will provide much more information.

We hope Beaky gets the enjoyment and care she has had so far from communities and estates in the South of Scotland. It is fantastic to see her move into an area which has evidently not held golden eagles for many years.

Here is a recent sketch from our Eagle Officer, John showing Beaky's (C11) changing plumage as she becomes a sub-adult bird. Also featured is our other female, Emily (121).