20 January 2021

Christmas Art Competition - Winners Announced!!


by Rick T.

20 January 2021

With such a fantastic response to our Christmas Art Competition we have just received the final winners from our judge, Laurie Campbell.

Laurie wanted to say that it was an incredibly difficult job and the standard of the entries was absolutely fantastic! So well done to everyone who submitted an entry!!


First Place - Leo, aged 7. (above)

This is a strong image that wouldn't have looked out of place in the 8 to 11 category! The first thing we notice is the eagles eye that establishes a great centre of interest, with the highlight strengthening it even more. The the use of bold colours isn't overbearing and enhances the snow-capped mountain tops on the horizon. The colours aren't uniform either with brushstrokes, adding texture to areas such as the pine on the far right and even the side of the eagles head.

Highly commended - Maciej Odoj. (below)

Another close second that is difficult not to include! Like Leo's image, it is the head and eye of the eagle that draws us in. The eye may not have a strong highlight but that brow above the eye, wow. It really expresses the attitude of a golden eagle. I also like the feathered detailing of the eagles neck and that three more birds are subtly represented in the air above. The outlines, randomness and shading of the mountains is impressive. The Christmas decorations complete the scene.


First place: Matilda Smith, aged eight.

The first thing that struck me was that it was one of the few entries that illustrated more than one eagle! Each bird may have been rendered quite dark, but then it is closer to the plumage of young eagles. I also liked the thought that had gone into the individuality of each, the differences in size, not all facing the same way, decorated / adorned differently. Lastly, it was the observation of the feathered legs of Emily was a bonus!

Highly commended - Chloe Bell, aged 9.

A close second and worthy of a mention. A lot going on in this one (!) but tree to the left, suitably decorated with a spiral of Christmas lights, is different and is a strong element that holds the whole scene together. I also like the way that none of the eagles appear too big and so shown in context in a scene with lots of details, such as the falling snow, snow lying on the tree branches, a part view of the sun. The smaller, decorated Christmas tree in the background adds perspective too.


Wendy Patterson

I wasn't swayed by the fact it was painted on stone (slate - I spotted the nail holes!) although I'm sure that in close-up, the texture of the stone accentuated the feather pattern. More importantly, I thought the proportions and feather markings were pretty accurate. I also liked the way the bird was composed towards the top of the artwork, suggesting height with the darker mottled tones of the bottom right-hand corner, adding balance.

A huge thank you to Laurie for judging the competition and donating one of the prizes. A big thank you to John Miles for donating a second prize, his fabulous book, Roxy the Golden Eagle.

And of course a huge thank you to all who submitted an entry. We loved to see your artwork of the young Eagles which now call the South of Scotland their home!

If you haven't already submitted your postal address please do so by sending an email to to ensure you receive your badge or prize.

Thanks, stay safe and take care out there!