1 July 2024



by Rick T.

1 July 2024

Clyde, a three year old male golden eagle, was translocated as a subadult under a research licence from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides this winter. Clyde, named after the river – that has its origins in Southern Scotland, was satellite tagged shortly before his release in early February 2024 in the Lammermuir hills.

After release, Clyde spent much of his time in the Lammermuir hills alongside several other eagles.

At the end of May, we noticed that location data from Clyde’s tag had become static so our team went to investigate. Reflecting the incredible accuracy of these tags- we located it within a few minutes of arriving at the tag’s indicated location. An inspection of the site, the tag and harness by our team points to what would be described as ‘dropped, not suspicious’ indicating the tag had dropped through harness degradation or failure.

This term is categorised in Scottish Natural Heritage’s (now NatureScot) commissioned report Whitfield, D.P. & Fielding, A.H. 2017. Analyses of the fates of satellite tracked golden eagles in Scotland. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No. 982.

Most golden eagles wear their tags/ harness without a problem but on rare occasions an eagle will take a dislike to a tag and remove it.

We believe Clyde remains in the area and hope to catch a glimpse of him in the future.

Many thanks to the estate team for helping us locate the tag.