23 January 2019

Eagle Champions Badge Launched


by Philip M.

23 January 2019

You may have seen on the news last Friday or over the weekend our launch of an Eagle Champions Badge with the Innerleithen Cub-Scouts group. This is an exciting partnership between the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project and Scouts Scotland.

In addition to our Eagle Schools programme, we want to reach as many young people as possible to inspire and enthuse them about the Golden Eagle and our efforts to boost their numbers, but also encourage a sense of responsibility and guardianship about their natural heritage and what they can do locally in their community.

Innerleithen Cub-Scouts have already discovered some of the different raptors they might find in the surrounding area and also some of the amazing facts that make the Golden Eagle so special.

Did you know that the grip of a Golden Eagle’s talons is 10x stronger than that of a man? The cubs certainly do after testing their own grip using a dynamometer. Tops score of the night was 26-kilogram force (kgf) but this is nothing compared to the estimated 500kgf of a golden eagle!

We will be returning to Innerleithen for future sessions looking at everything from the Golden Eagle diet to conservation in the community. Cubs have also submitted entries to a competition to design the Eagle Champions badge which they will wear on their Cubs-Scout jumpers following completion of the programme. We will post the winning entry soon!

You can find ITV Borders report of the launch on YouTube -