17 May 2020

Eagle of the Day - Skan (C17)


by Rick T.

17 May 2020

The final 'Eagle of the Day' is Skan (C17), the young male from the 2019 release.

Skan (C17) did not get the warmest welcome to the South of Scotland from one of our Eagles, Beaky (C11) (see blog 9th August 2019) but is now thriving in Southern Skies.

He has wandered widely and has interacted with all of the project Eagles without any further issue.

Skan (C17) was named by Lead Volunteer Charlotte Martin. His name means 'Spirit of the Sky' in Native American.

Skan (C17) may have had a hard start in the South but hopefully he will find clear skies ahead and help to boost the breeding population of this iconic species, allowing it to thrive in the South of Scotland once again.

NOTE: Whist most people know that Eagles can be very aggressive to each other, what made the Beaky (C11) incident unusual was her age at the time. One year-old, non-breeding, non-territorial birds do not typically show this level of aggression in relation to a specific place.

Photos: Top: Skan (C17) shortly after arrival in the aviary. Middle: Skan (C17) soaring in the Southern Mist. Bottom: Skan (C17) being mobbed by a Buzzard. All photos: John Wright.