22 April 2020

Eagle Schools - Home Edition


by Rick T.

22 April 2020

WELCOME to the first Eagle Schools: Home Edition!

Build your own Eagle Eyrie!

Bored? Sick of sitting around, pulling the fluff out of your belly button? Why not put it to good use and line the nest cup of your very own Eagle Eyrie with it!!

Follow this step by step guide (on the left) to create a realistic replica of a Golden Eagle eyrie at home!

All wild Golden Eagles begin life in the same place; the Eyrie. Whether on a cliff face or in the crook of an Old Scots Pine, the nest is the first home an Eaglet knows. Some eyries are huge, others hardly noticeable. But all eyries have a soft nest cup where the precious eggs (usually two) rest and are incubated. Make sure your eyrie has a soft lining (Eagles typically use grasses, particularly wood rush - see picture above), but you could use anything soft to protect your eagle eggs.


Start off with the bigger sticks or twigs to make a platform for your nest - don't worry where the eggs are going to go yet - the Eagles don't! Just build your nest up then add the soft nest cup at the end.

Don't forget to take a picture of your finished Eyrie and send it to

We'll post some of your pictures here over the coming weeks!

Have Fun and remember, ALL Eagle nests are protected by law and you need a special licence to go anywhere near one.

Stay safe and well Kids!!

Rick, Philip & The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Team