18 May 2020

Eagle Schools Home Edition #5


by Rick T.

18 May 2020

The latest activity from Community Outreach Officer Philip Munro - become a hunting Eagle in this exciting Scavenger Hunt!!

The Golden Eagle is one of the fiercest hunters on Earth but it will always take an easier option if there is one. A bit like we go out for fast food when we don’t want to cook, the golden eagle will save energy by scavenging for food that it doesn’t have to catch and kill. Animals that have died and are decaying, providing food for other animals are called carrion. Carrion is a big part of a Golden Eagle’s diet.

Now, we don’t want you going out looking for dead animals but you can give scavenging a go. See if you can find everything on the lists below and also write down some other things you can find.

When collecting items, use a small bucket or an empty egg box. You might have to scavenge over a number of days, in different habitats and even between different seasons to find everything! Just stick the tick sheets up on the fridge and keep coming back to them.

Good luck and please remember a few rules before you go:

·Choose a safe place to go scavenging.

·Always go with an adult or let an adult know where you are.

·Wash your hands after handling natural materials.

·Remember you are sharing the space with wildlife so try not to make too much disturbance.

Instructions to print sheets:

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