25 May 2020

Edward (C09) filmed by Gamekeeper in the Moffat Hills


by Rick T.

25 May 2020

Gamekeeper Will Kerr shares a video of his encounter with young Edward (C09) this April.

All of the Project Eagles are getting about and exploring far and wide but young Edward (C09) passed back through the Moffat Hills recently and called in on one of the local Gamekeepers who managed to grab a quick video of his visit!

Having worked further North previously Gamekeeper Will, who now works close to Moffat, said he was delighted to have Eagles back on his patch. Speaking on the phone he said “I’m happy to see these iconic birds in the South of Scotland. Hopefully they will settle and nest in time”.

Will hopes that other keepers will share their sightings of these beautiful birds as the move around in the South.

Thank You to Will for sharing his video and his Eagle encounter with us.