25 April 2020

Every day holds the chance of an Eagle Encounter


by Rick T.

25 April 2020

While Eagles are typically thought of as mythical creatures from the most remote reaches of far off wildernesses, the thought of seeing one from your back garden may seem a little absurd.

It's true. Eagles, especially Golden Eagles are shy and reclusive creatures with a healthy wariness of anything human. However, while breeding birds are happily settled on territories and getting on with the business of securing the next generation of their wonderful species, young and non-breeding birds are free to explore the skyways.

The fantastic picture above was captured by Mike Carr. Mike was watching his local patch in North Northumberland, hoping to see some raptor activity. He was having quite a good day and enjoying watching a pair of Merlins. Suddenly the Merlins became agitated and a large raptor soared into view. The male Merlin, in the true. fearless character of this fiesty species, gave the intruder to his territory a piece of his mind and the larger bird moved off and out of view. During this brief encounter, Mike managed to secure some wondeful photos of Beaky (C11) receiving her first welcome South of the Border. We're not sure who was more suprised, the Merlin, Beaky or Mike!

The photo above was taken from a back garden in North East Northumberland. Stewart Sexton, a well known Northumbrian naturalist was scanning the area around his home when a young White-tailed Eagle flew over his house! Unexpected? Yes! Impossible? No!

While both of these stories come from South of the Scottish Border, there is a reason for this.

If people are seeing Eagles in unexpected areas, far from the main Scottish population and in some cases from their homes and gardens then here, in the South of Scotland, you have a better chance of encountering one of these magnificent raptors than you may think!

While any encounter with a wild Eagle will always be a rare and unforgettable experience, why not keep your eyes on the skies wherever you are while you enjoy the sunshine?

Keep binoculars and a camera or phone nearby and send any photos or possible sightings to orreport them through here: Contact Us

You never know, Beaky, Edward, Emily or Skan may just pass on by.

SPECIAL THANKS to Mike and Stewart for kindly allowing us to use their photos.