23 April 2020

From Eaglet to Eagle


by Rick T.

23 April 2020

Many people contact the project asking how to tell the difference between a Buzzard and a young Eagle.

This blog post demonstrates the development of an Eagle chick, in this case Skan (C17), over a period of 9 weeks. Typically we would only care for the Eaglets in the aviaries for 6-7 weeks until they reach fledging stage but the unpredictable incident with Beaky (C11) meant that we were able to film Skan (C17) for a further 2 weeks.

The picture on the left is Skan (C17) on the day he was collected at 6-7 weeks old. The video below is Skan (C17) at second release at 15-16 weeks old.

When young Eagles leave the nest they are 'adult-sized'. Check back tomorrow to see a video of Beaky (C11) just after release in 2018 being mobbed by two Buzzards!!

The picture on the right is Skan (C17). Since his second release he has explored the Southern Uplands and has interacted with all three of the 2018 Eagles with no further signs of aggression from Beaky (C11).

Check back tomorrow for the Beaky and Buzzards video!!

Until then, stay safe and well,

The Eagle Team