20 February 2019

Lauder Primary celebrate Eagle Day!


by Rick T.

20 February 2019

40 students from Lauder Primary School were joined by their local community to show off their outstanding Eagle Schools work and enjoy a visit from Mac the Golden Eagle. Ray of the Kielder Bird of Prey Centre delivered a fascinating presentation to the assembled crowd which included other species of raptors including Barn Owl, Eagle Owl, Kestrel and even a Turkey Vulture as well as Mac.

Above - Ray Lowden and Mac the Golden Eagle / Below - Lauder Eagle School with their certificates.

The students displayed some of their excellent work around the Hall including posters to raise awareness of Eagles in the South and their designs for the perfect Eagle habitat on 'Eagle Island'.

The students impressed the adults in the crowd with their knowledge and enthusiasm and everyone involved had a very enjoyable day.

Well Done Guys!!


Not much to report other than all birds are doing really well and still hanging around their favoured areas.