20 January 2023

Meet Dora


by Rick T.

20 January 2023

Dora (F22) was the last of six eagles to be collected in 2022 and was housed with ‘Merrick’ another female of similar age.

Dora was the second heaviest eagle at time of tagging and had the largest footspan and Hallux (hind claw) measurement.

F22, Dora, came from an estate managed for grouse and deer stalking in the Strathbraan area.

Left: Dora (F22) in her travel box.

We are very grateful to the head gamekeeper who very kindly assisted the team on the day and helped transport the climbing equipment up to the top of the crag ready for nest access.

The donor estate is part of the Tayside and Central Scotland Moorland Group and the gamekeeping staff are members of the profession’s representative body, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association.

Becky King, co-ordinator of Tayside and Central Scotland Moorland Group said: “It is good that one of our member estates is involved in the collaboration. We see a lot of eagles in the area, as do visitors, and this cements the working conservation happening on the estates and farms in Strathbraan.”

Alex Hogg, MBE, Chairman of The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said: “It is really pleasing to see our members getting involved in these collaborations. I also understand gamekeepers and farmers are also playing a key role, down in the release area in the Borders, because their land management is providing a food source to help the eagles.”

As always, both eaglets were checked by a vet at the nest site to ensure they were both healthy.

In this case, both youngsters were in great condition so Dora was selected for the trip south, while her sibling was returned to the eyrie to be raised by the adult eagles.

Dora and her sibling being checked by vets on-site.

‘Dora’ was named by St Dominics Primary School near Crieff, working with the Central and Tayside Moorland Group. Dora left the release site in mid December 2022.

Below: Dora and Merrick shortly after arrival.