17 April 2024

Meet Eva


by Rick T.

17 April 2024

Eva is a young female eagle, translocated from the Ullapool Inverlael Estate in the north-west highlands during the summer of 2023.

She has been adopted and named by the Annandale Distillery in Annan.

Eva was collected on the 18th June 2023 by project staff, assisted by climber and raptor worker Jon Brain, a regular supporter of the project.

Jon Brain said:

I am very proud to be associated with the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project in relation to the relocation of birds from the Highlands and Islands to the depleted Borders. I enjoy putting my time, skills and knowledge towards this most worthwhile conservation scheme. F16 was collected in 2023 be me and the team from one of the Highland sites I monitor annually. So far she is doing well and I look forward to updates to come as she enters the breeding population wherever she settles.

Eva shared Aviary C with Spirit G26 from Mull (who was adopted and named by the Hawick Primary School cluster) and weighed 4.85kg at release which took place on the 3rd August 2023.

Eva is now exploring the south of Scotland, hunting for herself and interacting with the growing Golden Eagle population in southern skies.

David Ashton-Hyde of the Annadale Distillery said:

When we generally live in a world that takes far too much from its natural resources, I’m thrilled to have gotten the chance to be involved with such an emotive and important project. Helping to support the protection of these stunning wild birds of prey is a real honor, which will hopefully go some way to help protect them, and our children’s appreciation of nature, for generations to come. Hearing of Eva growing and surviving without fear is fantastic, and we look forward to learning of offspring in seasons to come that can continue her legacy.”