20 January 2023

Meet Sula


by Rick T.

20 January 2023

Sula (B50) is a female golden eagle and was housed with male Buccy (261).

She was the fourth eagle collected and the fourth released.

Sula was collected from an Estate near Loch Ericht in the highlands where Logan Steele of Tayside and Fife Raptor study Group monitors the pair. Many thanks to climbers Lewis Pate and Justin Grant for their work accessing the eyrie which involved quite a challenging abseil into a crag nest.

Sula was named by two-year-old Zara Blackburn from Kelso, who suggested the name 'Sula' as part of a competition by the South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) which received 300 entries from children and young people throughout southern Scotland in a competition to name one of the birds.

Below: Buccy and Sula shortly after release.

Announcing the winner, Tracey Graham, SOSE’s Head of Marketing and Communications said: "SOSE is a supporter of the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project, so we were delighted to be asked to name one of the chicks that were released during the summer. As part of our plans to engage with the people of the South of Scotland, we thought this was a great opportunity to ask our local communities to help us and we got a fantastic response to our naming competition we held at Border Union and the Dumfries shows we attended during the summer. We look forward to hearing Sula progress and well done to Zara!"

Sula left the release site on the 27th Oct making her the first of the 2022 translocated eagles to disperse.

She is now exploring her new home in the south of Scotland, ranging far and wide and finding her own food.