22 May 2020

Moffat 2020 postponed


by Rick T.

22 May 2020

I'm sure this news will come as no surprise but we have decided to postpone the Moffat 2020 Festival for obvious reasons.

We would like to thanks all of the guest speakers, artists, musicians, schools, running clubs and other community groups who had kindly agreed to participate as well as the people of Moffat themselves, who's warm welcome and enthusiasm for this venture was a pleasure to work alongside. This is just a bump in the road!

We will be working with the town of Moffat to deliver a festival next year (all being well) and with the extra time to plan we can hopefully make it an even bigger and better event to welcome Scotland's First Eagle Town as a premier location for eco-tourism.

We will keep you all posted with any news on next years festival on the Blog but until then, stay safe, stay well and keep your eyes on the skies.

Best Wishes,

The Eagle Team

Photos: Top - Golden Eagle - Laurie Campbell

Middle - Moffat 2020 Logo - John Hills

Bottom - Grey Mares Tail - Rick Taylor