11 February 2019

St Peter's - Out in the Field


by Rick T.

11 February 2019

Last Tuesday, St Peter's headed out into the field to discover which species inhabit the local woodlands of Gala Hill - notebooks in hand the students endeavoured to identify local birdlife from their in-situ field sketches and set a trail camera to see what was out and about during the hours of darkness. From Witches Butter Fungi to Badger Latrines the students explored their local environment and put into practice all of the skills they honed during their Eagle Schools 'Eagle ID' sessions.

Crossbills, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and other woodland species were heard in the canopy but eluded good views. However, one student, Chris, managed to find an old Sparrowhawk nest!

Last stop was a local garden with feeders where the hard working students finally secured good views of Long tailed, Great, Coal and Blue Tits as well as a Dunnock and a Grey Squirrel drey. Huge thanks to the very kind Mr Baxter who permitted us access to his garden and left a lovely note with some helpful tips!!


All three of the 2018 release Eagles are still doing really well and are happily almost through their first winter, the most challenging time for any young raptor. All three birds are still in the South of Scotland and are happy and healthy, feeding well and looking very strong.