9 June 2020

Thank You for 50 Daily Lockdown Blogs!


by Rick T.

9 June 2020


On April 21st 2020, the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project began a daily blog in an attempt to bring a 'wee bit of wild' into the homes of nature lovers who may not be able to reach the countryside. We were overwhelmed by the support from people all across Scotland and Northern England who submitted guest blogs, sightings, book reviews, anecdotes and artwork. Thank You to all who contributed, all who logged on to read and all who continue to support the project. Until this is all over, stay safe, stay well and thank you!

NOTE: Please remember that Lockdown is still not over and we urge you all to ensure that you follow the essential restrictions still in place. The mountains, hills, woodlands and rivers aren't going anywhere (well the rivers are but you know what I mean) and will be all the more enchanting for our absence.

The blogs will continue on a weekly basis - thank you all for your support and take care of yourselves and each other.

Photo: Golden Eagle - Laurie Campbell