1 May 2020

The Brilliant Broomlands Primary School


by Rick T.

1 May 2020

Community Outreach Officer Philip Munro sends us this blog about our latest Eagle School, the wonderful Broomlands Primary School!

Broomlands Primary School were our 16th and most recent Eagle School, completing the programme at the beginning of March.

Pupils took part in many activities including building mini eagle eyries, learning about the modern day challenges for Eagles, venturing on a nature trail of the school grounds and even holding their own assembly to tell the school all about the project and the work they had been doing.

We ended the programme as we do for all Eagle Schools with a visit from the brilliant Ray of Kielder Bird of Prey Centre along with Mac the golden eagle and some other friends including a European Eagle Owl, barn owl and kestrel. Since completing Eagle Schools and the subsequent lockdown, pupils have turned their hands to some additional eagle learning from home.

Ally and Reece produced their own eagle brochures which we are using to inspire our own forthcoming project leaflet, Lewis (bottom pic), Olly and Olly’s Mum (middle pic) practiced their art with some sketched eagles whilst we must give special mention to Xavier (top pic) and his golden eagle birthday piñata! Well done Broomlands!