24 April 2020

Two Buzzards and Beaky (C11)


by Rick T.

24 April 2020

Following on from yesterday's update here is the video of Beaky (C11) being mobbed by two Buzzards just days after release.

In the video Beaky (C11) is in juvenile plumage. This plumage is predominantly a very dark, chocolate brown with the head more ginger than gold. The most striking feature at this age is usually the distinctive white wing patches and tail (although Edward (C09) had very little white on his wings).

The picture on the left is Beaky (C11) almost exactly one year later (August 2019) showing the gradual 'lightening' of the plumage but retaining the white wing patches and tail. These white features will eventually be lost and Beaky (C11) will be in the uniform, full adult plumage by around 5 years old.