8 June 2020

Volunteer Profile #1 - Tom Davies


by Rick T.

8 June 2020

Today's daily blog (#49) introduces the first of a new series featuring members of our volunteer team. Today we meet Tom Davies, a raptor enthusiast from Merseyside and a keen supporter of the project.

Tom was one of the project's first volunteers and part of the team that built the first aviaries at Site A.

A big thank you to Tom for all of his hard work and for taking the time to answer the questions below.

What made you want to volunteer for the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project Tom?

I've had a life-long interest in birds of prey since the day I found my first Kestrel nest at 12 years old. I love all birds but raptors hold a special fascination for me. My interest led me to volunteer for the RSPB and I was lucky enough to assist in the monitoring of the Lake District Golden Eagles for 10 years. When the opportunity to volunteer for the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project arose I jumped at the chance to work for the conservation of Golden Eagles again.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a volunteer?

Obviously, knowing that you're helping a vulnerable population of Golden Eagles is incredibly rewarding but personally, the most enjoyable aspect of volunteering has been the companionship and camaraderie when we were building the aviaries in 2018. Working alongside a team of great fella's and gaining the satisfaction of a job well done has been a highlight for me. But the ultimate satisfaction will hopefully be seeing some of the project birds settling and nesting in the South, maybe even back in the Lake District one day.

What does the Golden Eagle mean to you?

Power. As an apex predator they have no natural rival. Having spent many weeks on Mull watching Eagles I am always thrilled to see them appear on the skyline. The time I spent in the Lake District makes me hope that these Eagles may reclaim old territories and re-establish a healthy population of these fabulous birds which, in time, may start to filter into suitable places further south. It would be wonderful to welcome breeding Eagles back into England, something which I hope may happen in my lifetime.

Photos: South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project.


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