25 September 2020

Your chance to help to return Eagles to Welsh Skies


by Rick T.

25 September 2020

Have a hand in returning both Golden and White-tailed Eagles to Wales by supporting this fantastic project; Eagle Reintroduction Wales.

Thanks to Sophie-Lee Williams for the information on this exciting project.

Visit the ERW website at:

"The Eagle Reintroduction Wales (ERW) project has launched its first crowdfund to raise funds to continue their research during the pandemic ( The ERW project in collaboration with Cardiff University, Wildlife Trust Wales and Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation has spent 3-years assessing if the Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle can return to the skies of modern Wales.

After 3-years of painstaking research assessing the historic distribution of eagles, habitat suitability, nest site availability, land use compatibility and prey availability across Wales. The ERW team can now confidently conclude that the restoration of both/or either species is a viable option for Wales. Sophie-Lee Williams, the ERW project manager, said " Over the last few years, we have gathered a huge amount of information about the best eagle habitats across Wales. Both eagles are a species of 'Conservation Concern' and we strongly believe that the Welsh landscape can contribute to the International and National conservation status of these iconic and cultural birds"

"The Welsh landscape still holds an abundance of suitable habitats, nest sites and prey availability. We now aim to use this vital research to guide and shape public and stakeholder consultations and render the best translocation methods fitting to conservation initiatives in Wales"

The ERW project has an extensive team of advisors (including the SSGEP team) and are working in collaboration with Norwegian, Scottish, Irish and English eagle experts ( Sharing evidence gathered in Wales with the knowledge and best practices of other successful eagle reintroductions is the best approach for any properly planned reintroduction programme. "Eagle reintroductions are not a novel concept in Britain, there is a niched team of experts that have been conducting traditional eagle translocations since the 1970's. Working with these experts to render the best approach is crucial to restore any eagle species to Wales" said Sophie-Lee.

The ERW team are now ready to launch the next phase of feasibility assessments to assess wide-scale public and stakeholder attitudes across Wales - an essential requirement by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW). This information is key to finalise and select the best areas of focus in Wales for the restoration of Golden Eagles and/or White-tailed Eagles.

The ERW team are excited to work with Cat Barlow and the SSGEP team to share best practices for developing and maintaining key community and stakeholder relationships and the conflicts that arise from them. Addressing potential conflicts and making sure everyone's voice is heard is an important aspect of restoring any species. The main focus of any species restoration project should be about the welfare of released eagles - not how quickly it can be done!

Like many other conservation projects, the ERW project needs your support until Government and Conservation funds open back up. Can you support the ERW team at this difficult time?

For more information about the Eagle Reintroduction Wales (ERW) project, you can visit their webpage at

Photo Credits: Golden Eagle - Steve Lipttrot / White tailed Eagle - Jeff Smith - Thank You