21 August 2018

Project Update 21.08.2018


by Rick T.

21 August 2018

First Golden Eagles released into the Southern Uplands!

It is with great pleasure that we can finally share the details of the 2018 translocation of three young Golden Eaglesto the South of Scotland.

The first two Eaglets (one male and one female) travelled down from the Central Highlands in mid- June. They quickly settled into their shared accommodation and ate well during their first days.

The third Eaglet (also a female from the Central Highlands) arrived six days later and also settled quickly.

Three local Primary Schools have adopted the young Eagles and have named them Edward (male – ring number C09), Emily (female – ring number 121) and Beaky (female – ring number C11)

To ‘Meet the Eagles’ click here

All three of the Eagles have developed very well and were satellite tagged just prior to release.

The first release took place at the end of July (6 weeks after the first collection) when Emily and Edward both took their first free flights out into the release site.

Emily was the first to go (5 minutes after the hatches were opened) becoming the very first bird to be released by the project, with Edward following 89 minutes later. Both Eagles flew well with Edward returning to roost on top of the aviaries. Beaky, being a week younger than the others, was released in early August and all birds are currently doing well in their adopted homeland of the Moffat Hills.

Watch this space for daily updates, photos, video clips and more………….